Test: Synchronous Connection AUBG and Denison University German Courses

IMG_7093 IMG_7094

On Monday we tested the conference equipment in the room AUBG has set up for video conferencing. It is the only room with an installed camera, the individual computers in the classrooms and in the language lab do not have cameras installed. Katerina, one of two of AUBG’s ITs for the entire building that houses several university offices and departments, had established the connection via Jabber software on the large screen in the room. The camera sits on top of it and can easily be pointed to best capture the persons seated around a 12 seats conference table. The connection was beautiful and without any interferences. Cheryl reported that on the Denison side, the sound coming from us was good but somewhat metallic. She concluded that the room did have wooden floors, rather than carpet, which absorbs the sound just enough to give it a less hollow sounding quality. This first test was very encouraging to all of us. If I understood this correctly, this equipment was installed over a year ago and had never been used for anything. So this was a virgin run for the equipment as such as well.

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