Is Social Media Dying in Germany?

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By Seval Dogan (Marketing Specialist – D/A/CH Region) and Kai Prager (Senior Media Relations Specialist – Europe)

There are more and more discussions occurring in Germany that social media is losing its popularity. A recent article published by emarketer even argues that Facebook is dying.

This claim was based on a survey conducted by Faktenkontor, which found that the percentage of social media users visiting sites like Twitter, Xing, Facebook and so on had dropped over the past year. The survey was widely distributed in the German and European markets and cited heavily by online media, including sites like and The assertion eventually triggered a viral-like reaction on the internet with thousands of social media shares. It seems the article convinced plenty of users, confirming what some already suspected, that the future of social media and Facebook was gloomy.

Beach imageIt is our impression, however, that this…

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