Shared Languages Program Listening and Envisioning Meeting

Invitation to participate in the Listening and Envisioning Meeting for all Language Colleagues across the GLCA.

When: Sunday, August 11, 2019 – Arrival and Evening Reception to Wednesday, August 14 – Noon

Where: CILC (Cooper International Learning Center, Oberlin’s Language Lab in Peters Hall), Oberlin College, Oberlin OH, 44074

Who: Language faculty and Language Chairs from across the GLCA are invited to participate.

What costs are covered by the GLCA:

  • Travel Expenses – mileage and tolls
  • Hotel Room – GLCA will reserve a hotel room once you register
  • Meals during the meeting
  • Stipend: $150/full day; $75/half day

Registration: Please complete the registration form by June 18. Registrations will be accepted up to August 1, based on availability of rooms.

Should space at the meeting become an issue, preference will be given to participants who indicate they will attend the entire meeting.

Purpose of our meeting:

To share thoughts and experiences regarding language programs at small liberal arts colleges and to collectively envision a future for world languages at schools like ours in times of rapid change.

Provide an opportunity for language faculty to meet to:

  1. Share thoughts on curricula and pedagogy;
  2. Discuss the state of language enrollment today and over the next five to ten years;
  3. Review challenges faced by small departments and programs, especially by single-faculty language programs;
  4. Explore the notion of building communities of language educators across GLCA institutions;
  5. Discuss how technology changes how students learn and how technology changes our profession;
  6. Consider how course enrollment issues can be addressed by expanding pedagogy through digital technologies;
  7. Envision what would be possible by creating a shared multi-year set of courses in each language;
  8. Imagine what would be possible through the GLCA Shared Languages Program.

For questions or comments please contact Gabriele Dillmann. I look forward to hearing from you.

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