“Nichts Schönres unter der Sonne als unter der Sonne zu sein..” Ingeborg Bachmann, poet

“To have another language is to possess a second soul.” – Charlemagne

ImageI teach German language, German, Swiss and Austrian literature and culture and special seminars on psychoanalytic theory in the Modern Languages Department at Denison University, a residential liberal arts college near Columbus, Ohio. In my teaching I make use of newest technologies to enhance not only student learning in regards to all things German, but also for my students to learn skills in intercultural competencies and global learning. For example, I am globally networked with a German colleague at the American University in Bulgaria with team-taught courses in German studies. I am also very dedicated to CLAC pedagogy and team-teaching as a pedagogical approach. My scholarly interests are increasingly vested in how digital technologies shape how we learn and teach now and in the near future. My more traditional scholarship is in the area of German Romanticism and psychoanalytic theory, specifically suicide studies. In 2014, I was awarded the Julian H. Robertson Jr. Endowed Chair at my institution for my work in teaching, service, and scholarship.

Since January 2016, I have been directing the Great Lakes Colleges Association Crossroads Shared Languages Program for GLCA’s 13 consortial institutions. This four-year long project aims to address the issue of upper-level under-enrolled language courses as well as broadening the course offerings for less-commonly-taught languages.



dillmann@denison.edu @gabidillmann (Twitter)

“The most important trip you may take in life is meeting people halfway.”  Henry Boye, author

“A little kindness from person to person is better than a vast love for all humankind.” — Richard Dehmel, German poet

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