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Wabash College: Wednesday, 24 February (Dean Scott Feller, AL Agata Szczeszak-Brewer, Daniel Rogers, Brian Tucker German faculty and ML chair))

Wed, Feb 24th

12:00-1:00    Lunch meeting with Simon for faculty, Fobes (Sparks Hall)—RSVP required

3:30-4:00       Simon and Gabriele meet with Scott Feller in his office, Center Hall

4:15-5:00       Meet-and-greet with Simon for faculty, Center Hall lounge (207)

4:15-5:00       Meet-and-greet with Gabriele for Shared Languages faculty, Detchon Hall (reading room)

DePauw: Thursday, 25 February (AL David Alvarez, Dean Anne Harris)

Simon Gray and Gabriele Dillmann

Schedule for Thursday, February 25, 2015, visit to DePauw University

9:00 am      Meet with John Berry, Assistant Professor of Art and Art History. The Galleria.

9:30 am       Lili Wright, Professor of English. The Galleria

10:00 am     Jennifer LaWall, Grant Writer, DePauw University School of Music. The Galleria.

10:30 am     Glen Kuecker, Professor of History. The Galleria.

11:00am      with Gabriele Dillmann–Marius Conceatu, Assistant Professor of Modern Languages (French) and Maria Hristova, Assistant Professor of Modern Languages (Russian). The Galleria.

11:30 am-    Global Crossroads Grant “Grand Challenge” Luncheon. The Galleria ballroom.

12:30 pm     Break-out meeting for Modern Language Faculty Group at noon with Gabriele Dillmann. The Galleria.

1:00 pm        Hilary Eppley, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry. The Galleria.

1: 3o pm       Rebecca Schindler, Professor of Classical Studies, and Pedar Foss, Professor of Classical Studies. The Galleria.

2:00 pm       Sharon Crary, Percy L. Julian Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry and Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and Rebecca Upton, Associate Professor of Sociology and Anthropology. The Galleria.

4:45 pm        Anne Harris, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Johnson Family University Professor of Art and Art History, and Carrie Klaus, Dean of Faculty and Professor of Modern Languages (French). Academic Affairs Office, Percy Lavon Julian Science and Mathematics Center, Room 377.

Contact information: David Alvarez, Associate Professor English Department, Asbury Hall 313; office phone 765.658.4678; cell phone 510.282.2733; email: davidalvarez@depauw

Annie Weltz, English Department secretary, office phone: 765.658.4675, email: annieweltz@depauw.edu


Earlham: Friday, 26 February (Provost Gregory Mahler, AL Marya Bower, Dean Jay Roberts, Convener Susan Wise, Administrative Assistant Jane Niccum)