Shared Languages Program Pilot Course – German, Spring 2017  

Denison University Course Information

Number & Course Title: German 305 (Shared Languages Program), Migration to and from Germany and the EU since 1945 (Note: Special focus on the current refugee crisis)

Semester offered: Spring 2017

Meeting Times: M/W, 11:00 – 12:20

Credit hours: 4 c/hrs.

Pre-requisite: Successful completion of Second-Year College-level German or consent of the instructor

Instructor: Dr. Gabriele Dillmann

German 305, Spring 2017 Course Description

Migration from and to Germany and Europe since 1945: Causes and Consequences

In this course we will learn about the history, causes, and challenges of migration to and from Germany and Europe since 1945. Migration is a basic fact within societies – people have always left their homeland. However, what does the latest wave of migration mean for today’s Germany and Europe? How can we understand the reaction of Germany’s government and its citizens in the context of her migration history of the 20th and 21st centuries? We will explore the causes of the recent migration, the course it has taken in Germany, and discuss the consequences for Germany as a European country. We will, at the same time, follow the public media on the most up-to-date developments on these issues and discuss them regularly in class and out-of-class.

In this course, we also will focus on your German language development. You will practice reading, analyzing, summarizing, reflecting, and taking positions on a selection of topics under discussion using different forms of genres, such as video-conferencing, emails, twitter, news blog/commentary, short narratives, and reaction pieces.

This course is a new type of course at our institution and across the Great Lakes Colleges Association’s colleges: As a Shared Languages Program (SLP) course, students from these colleges are invited to join the Denison course via online digital technologies. Furthermore, this course is a globally connected course with German students from the American University in Bulgaria (AUBG).

Student Q&A Sheet

Registration Deadlines for Spring 2016 Courses:

October 25: Seniors

November 1: Juniors

November 8: Sophomores

November 15: First-Year Students

Gabriele will offer the this course at Denison in the Spring 2017. Lee Forester will recruit Hope College German students to participate.