Teaching in the Global Liberal Arts

How Can We Foster Intercultural and Digital Learning in a Liberal Arts Context? An Ongoing Globally Connected Courses Project between Denison University and the American University in Bulgaria

The language classroom is a most fruitful place for intercultural, global learning. Digital technologies allow us to make intercultural connections like never before and in the process language learning benefits from real communication about real issues. With new cloud- based technologies and a sharp increase in hybrid teaching models, innovative, technology-enhanced teaching and learning projects within a global connections context have become more readily realizable. Specifically, in the language and culture classroom, such video conferencing platforms as Google+ Hangouts, Adobe Connect, and Zoom with their multifunctional interaction tools (screen sharing, chatting, etc.) have made online hybrid learning uniquely intuitive, inexpensive, inviting and “human” for both students and teachers. Concrete examples show how both linguistic and cultural proficiencies as well as digital competencies – applicable in any teaching and learning context – are enhanced in the globally connected classroom. In addition to the technology itself, students also learn digital and dialogue etiquette, how to be effective team players and members of a learning community, and develop group and leadership competencies within a digital context.

A recording of the talk can be found here:

Talk posted on I-TunesU (#8)

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