German 302: Modern Germany through Film (SLP course, GCC with AUBG)

German 304: 18th and 19th Century German Youth Culture (SLP course, GCC with AUBG Bulgaria)

German 302: German Youth Culture – Deutsche Jugendkultur (SLP; GCC)

Shared Languages Program Course: German 305, Migration to and from Germany and the EU, Spring 2017 (including Hope students and GCC AUBG students)

German 302, German Media and Its Role in Politics and Society, GCC Course, Fall 2016

German 305, Spring 2016 – Globally (AUBG) and Locally (OSU, Hope, Denison) Connected Course: Zuwanderung nach Deutschland und Europa – Ursachen und Folgen = Migration to and from Germany and Europe: Causes and Consequences

German 311 Writing Overlay Course, Fall 2015

German 213, Intermediate German, Globally Connected Course, Fall 2015

The Renaissance of Psychoanalytic Thought: Studying Freud in the 21st Century Fall 2014

Freud Seminar Course Website

*GCC – Global Course Connections through the Great Lakes Colleges Association’s Global Course Connections Program 

** SLP – Shared Languages Program of the GLCA 

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