Arabic SL Courses

Two Arabic courses will be offered the in the spring of 2017 as pilot courses for the Crossroads Shared Languages Program. Professor Tuttle at Earlham College will be teaching the intermediate/advanced level course in the Arabic language “Alienation in Modern Arabic Literature,” and Professor Al-Masri at Denison University will be offering the intermediate/advanced level course “Media Arabic” in Arabic.

Below you will find the very creative course flyers designed by Prof. Tuttle for the two courses with 2 separate flyers for each course offered. The pdf’s for the course flyers can be downloaded here: Arabic Lit and Arabic Media, printed, and distributed widely on the respective campuses.

CORRECTION: Dr. Al-Masri’s course “Media Arabic” will be offered on Tuesdays and Fridays (not Thursdays) 3:00 pm to 4:20 pm.

Course Description and Philosophy

This course on Media Arabic is a 300 level course whose language of instruction is Arabic. The primary goal of the course is to develop students’ linguistic skills and competence to be able to read and understand the language and content of Arabic media (traditional newspapers, online news resources and social media). The course will also help students develop their fluency in both oral and written expression through discussions, debates, presentations, and written work on a variety of topics including, but not limited to, political events, social and humanitarian topics, entertainment and news variety.

This course follows the philosophy of the integrated approach where language is emphasized through the appropriateness of context. Students are expected to make conscious decisions as to which Arabic variety (Modern Standard Arabic or Spoken Arabic) to use based on the formality level of topics.

 In terms of logistics, this is a Shared Languages Initiative pilot course offered at Denison (host institute) and will have students from both Earlham (Guest institute) and Oberlin (Guest institute). Guest students who enroll in this class are subject to all course requirements and the calendar of the host institute. Prerequisite: successful completion of four semesters of Arabic (i.e., what is equivalent to second semester of Intermediate Arabic) or the consent of the professor.

Enrollment deadlines


October 25: Seniors

November 1: Juniors

November 8: Sophomores

November 15: First-Year Students


November 7-11 for all students