GLCA Schools Semester Dates

GLCA Crossroads Shared Languages Program/Registration:

Shared Language Courses are designed to expand the language course offering for students from participating colleges. These courses increase course choices both vertically, i.e. courses beyond the elementary language level, and horizontally adding breadth and variety to students’ choices of language and content courses on the intermediate and advanced level. The first SLP courses will be offered by faculty from various GLCA colleges. Students from guest colleges will join host college courses via video-conferencing synchronously and will meet asynchronously with students enrolled in the course in small group and partner work settings.

Enrolled students from any of the 13 GLCA institutions are eligible to take these courses for credit. Prerequisites apply according to how the course is listed.

Adding Shared Language course:

Students will register for these courses at their home institution during the regular registration period as they do for their other courses. SLP are identified as such and come with a course number assigned by the home institution to match their degree course requirements. Students need the approval from their home Registrar to complete the SLP Registration/Drop Form.

Dropping Shared Language course:

Each student will have to follow the add/drop policies of the host institution. Students need the approval from their home Registrar to complete the Shared Language Registration/Drop Form. These will be listed on the host instructors’ course syllabi.

IMPORTANT: For complete and up to date academic calendar dates please visit the host school website.

Denison Dates:

Denison University – Fall 2017

Denison University – Spring 2018

Aug. 28th – Classes Begin

Jan. 22nd – Classes Begin

Sep. 1st – Last day to add course

Feb. 5th – Last day to add course

Sept. 22nd – Last day to Drop

Feb. 19th – Last day to Drop

Nov. 20th-24th – Thanksgiving Break

March 19th – 23rd – Spring Break

Dec. 13th – Classes end

May 7th – Classes end

Dec. 14th – 19th – Final Exams

May 9th – 15th – Final Exams

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SLP Registration and Drop Form